What makes you different than everyone else?

It's simple, I specialize in you. Yes, I have an educated background in cinema, many years of experience in the wedding industry, and a collection of the latest and greatest equipment. But what sets me apart is that I have a passion for storytelling, and a knack for capturing personality.

If you're looking for someone to just document your day and set it to the beat of a great song that's fine. That's cool.

But I want to do more.

I want you to be able to watch it over and over again without getting bored. I want you to watch it when your husband is out of town because you miss him. I want you to watch it after your first fight and forget all about how marriage is hard sometimes. I want you to watch it with your kids and grandkids.

My video will capture who you are on the first day of you + him, and be there to always remind you why you became us in the first place.



4 Hours Wedding Day

4 Hours Wedding Day
Instagram Teaser
Pre-Wedding Video

6 Hours Wedding Day
Instagram Teasers
Pre-Wedding Video
Moments Video

8 Hours Wedding Day
Instagram Teasers
2 Pre-Wedding Videos
Moments Video

Pre-Wedding Video - $450
Additional Coverage - $200/hour


All packages come with three edited DVD's and are posted online for your use.

Personalized DVD Menu
Personalized DVD's