Sunday, December 27, 2015

MEGAN & DALLAS - Utah Wedding Video

This Is The Place Heritage Park has got to be one of my favorite places for a wedding reception!! It has everything. Gorgeous scenery, a train ride, horses, and the cutest buildings. It creates the perfect dressed-up, backyard-wedding vibe that totally fit Dallas and Megan's style. I also really loved Megan's subtle use of her purple and teal wedding colors. So cute!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

JEFF & ROBYN STOCKETT - Adoption Profile Video

November is Adoption Awareness Month so what better way to raise awareness than post this video! Jeff and Robyn Stockett are a fun, happy couple who are looking to adopt. They love the idea of an open adoption and are just looking for more people to love!

To learn more about Jeff and Robyn, feel free to view their adoption profile!

MARCIE & GRANT - Utah Wedding Video

Marcie and Grant met while serving LDS missions. If you don't know much about an LDS mission, it's probably the hardest place to meet your future spouse because you can't date while serving! You have to see what their friends and mission companions say about their mission interactions vs. after the mission! It's so cute!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

HEATHER & TREVOR - Utah Wedding Video

It's hard to say what my favorite part about this wedding was because it was basically Cinderella's wedding. They got married in the Jordan River Castle, I mean Temple, and had their reception in what I would call the Prince's garden. I know I've said this on Instagram a million times but if you want to see how to pull off yellow as your wedding color then you definitely need to see this video! Their florals were gorgeous! Basically this wedding makes me miss summer and want to get married all over again! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

JOSH & KIERY - Utah Wedding Video

Who knew "Ain't No Mountain High" would make the perfect wedding song?? I guess Josh and Kiery did! I also love that they did a choreographed first dance. They looked like they were having a blast and I bet their future kids are going to love watching it! Also, I might add that the Draper temple grounds are gorgeous in the summer!!

Super cute idea for a sign in book!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MEGAN & DALLAS - First Look Video

Megan and Dallas got married yesterday!!! I'm so excited for them! I really love doing First Look videos because I get to know the couple really well before their actually wedding, plus they always turn out so dang gorgeous! A First Look video is a lot easier to shoot ahead of time because no one is stressed, I have plenty of time, and I can plan for the best lighting. I would highly suggest it to anyone who wants something swoon-worthy to watch every anniversary!

Monday, August 31, 2015

KATELYN & GEROME - Utah Wedding Video

I'm typically in favor of tradition in a wedding, but if you're going to do something different, I love what Katelyn and Gerome did to make their classy wedding their own! For example, Katelyn wore a champagne pink dress and had her bridesmaids in white. Instead of the traditional bouquet toss, she locked a bouquet in a gorgeous box, and gave each single lady a key. I'd never seen that before but it was so fun! She also had her dad put on her shoes as well as her mom zip up her dress. So cute!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

ZACHARY & SHAYNA - Reception Video, Utah

I typically just do wedding videography, but because Zac is my brother-in-law I also did his photography as well. (A special shout out Cassie who helped as well!!) My favorite part about their wedding was the firework sendoff. How cute is that?? Fireworks are most definitely on the top ten most romantic things list! There reception was held at Copper Creek Events Center in Springville. It was my first time shooting there but I loved it!! The chandeliers were gorgeous!

Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session at Utah Lake!

Friday, July 17, 2015

CASSIDEE & GREYSON - Logan, Utah Wedding Video

It's hard to choose my favorite part about this video because there were a lot of beautiful things! The little kids were adorable, and the scenery was gorgeous!! The location of the wedding and reception was the American West Heritage Center in Logan, Utah. It was my fist time shooting there and I wasn't disappointed! Besides the beautiful view, it also had a horse drawn wagon that took people from the parking lot to the wedding site! So cute!!! I would highly recommend it as a venue.

Another one of my favorite things about this wedding was the popcorn bar! I haven't ever seen this at a wedding before, but what a great idea! It fit right in with their shabby chic theme, and you'll probably recognize some of her decor from one of our posts! ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

THE RASMUSSEN FAMILY - Adoption Profile Video

This lovely family is searching for a little girl to adopt! They are awesome! They have such great family mottos and such a fun outlook on life. (And some ADORABLE little boys!) I loved working with them! 

After I made their video I stalked their website just to learn more and I loved what they wrote to the mother of their future child so I wanted to share it!

We promise to give your baby everything she needs in life to be happy. We are open to an ‘open’ adoption and we want her to know how much you loved her and continue to love her. There is plenty of room in our hearts for both of  you. You are, in a sense, our angel! Your selfless desire to give her a life, full of devotion, time, support and love- is something we admire so much about you. We cannot imagine the array of emotions you must face on a daily…hourly…possibly even minute to minute basis.  We try to imagine sometimes what you might look like, what your interests are and if you’re alright. We are mindful of you and the difficulty pregnancy can be. Amy especially feels for you. She has physically felt those tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) kicks and she remembers very well being pregnant. It is not easy! Our hope remains still, that you are okay. That you are feeling comfort and have the knowledge that adoption is not the end of being able to see your child grow up.

Your little one will be so incredibly loved within the walls of our home. She is wanted, she has been prayed for and she will be a blessing in so many lives. We promise to be the BEST parents we can be for her. There will not be a day that passes,  that she will not feel safe, loved or happy."
To learn more about the Rasmussen's check out their adoption website!

Friday, March 27, 2015

DACEE & TYSON - Logan, Utah Wedding Video

I had never been to the Brigham City Temple until I shot this wedding. It is so adorable! I would highly recommend visiting it. Because it is a smaller temple, it wasn't rushed or over crowded with other brides so Jeremy, their photographer, and I really got to focus on Dacee and Tyson's families. Don't be fooled by the bright sunlight though, it was absolutely freezing!! I always feel so bad for my bride's in their dresses when it is that cold, but Dacee luckily had a super cute cape to keep her warm, not to mention a handsome new hubby ;)! Ps. If you want to know how to turn a church into a cozy cabin slash palace for your wedding then you have to see their reception!

I loved working with Jeremy Jensen Photography! He did such a good job at capturing all the little details! If you're looking for a photographer who won't miss a thing check him out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ZACK & SHAE - Our Story Video

I have been dying to share this video!! This is a modern classic "we met on Tinder" love story!! It really happens! My other favorite part about their story is the fact that Shae sold pest control door to door just so that she could stay close to Zack while he was selling in Texas. I don't know about you, but I'd have to say that's true love right there! Congratulations Zack and Shae!!

I have to give a huge shout out to Kristina Curtis Photography for letting me tag along on her engagement shoot to get the stock footage. She is the BEST to work with!! She is so fun and SOOOO talented. If you're looking for a photographer that can make you look like a model even on your worst day, she's the one for you! Check out the full engagement shoot here!

Photos by Kristina Curtis Photography

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

JON & MARYANN - Utah Wedding Video

First of all, the Mount Timpanogos Temple is absolutely gorgeous! How have I lived in Utah my whole life and never been there? It was such a beautiful day, and this wedding was a lot of fun. Jon and MaryAnn's families were full of fun personalities which always makes my job easy ;) One of my favorite parts though is the little girl's interview at the end. So funny! Kids are the best!

I got to work with Kim Ashworth from Pearl Pixels Photography who is a lot of fun! If you're looking for a happy, down to earth photographer you'll definitely have to check out her work!

And... one more thing. I LOVED this! I've never seen a "guest book" like this! They had notecards for people to write a message on and then the guests would hang it on the string with a little clothes pin.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

DACEE & TYSON - Our Story Video

I just filmed Dacee & Tyson's wedding last night up in Brigham City/Logan and had to share their pre-wedding video because their story is so dang funny! They hated each other for the first three years of knowing each other, and that's the start to any epic chic flick right? Their first kiss is pretty funny too, and Tyson almost lost the ring during his first attempt to propose so I'd say this is a must watch!

I got to work with an awesome photographer I've not worked with yet! His name is Jeremy Jensen and he did some great work! These are a few photos he snapped at the Brigham City Temple. I can't wait to see the rest!

I also wanted to share a picture of their cake because it was gorgeous! I just snapped this with my phone and I'm not exactly sure who made it, but when they get back from their honeymoon I'll let you know!