Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MORGAN & DEREK - Logan, Utah Wedding Video

Cute, cute, cute, is all I have to say about this video. Morgan and Derek are such a fun couple, and you have to see their reception! It was in Morgan's parent's backyard complete with a beautiful gazebo for the couple, an ice cream parlor for the guests, and a trampoline for the kids! Isn't that the recipe for a perfect reception? Plus, I'm not even a country music fan in the slightest but the song for their reception is going on my playlist for sure!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BRIANNA & GABRIEL - Mapleton, Utah Wedding

This video has another must listen to song!! It makes me fall in love all over again. So do the vows Bri and Gabe wrote themselves. I usually don't include the full vows in the video because they can get kind of long but they were so beautiful I just had to. Bri was one of my high school students and I think she is someone who is beautiful both inside and out. You can tell that Gabe views her this way as well by the way he talks about and treats her. I wish you two the best!!