Friday, March 21, 2014


This video is proof that you need to hire someone to create a birth story for you! (a.k.a me) Even though I am a professional videographer and knew every little detail I wanted to film, I didn't even get a tenth of what I wanted because I was a bit distracted with pregnancy pains, labor pains, and post birth pains, as well as the arrival of the cutest little being on the planet!!! My husband and I were so far beyond thinking about getting good shots of our baby because the actual event is just too captivating. Needless to say I had to get a little bit creative to tell his story. But despite the moments of bad lighting and no footage of me holding my precious newborn, this video is my favorite video I have ever created because nothing, nothing, can compare to the emotions that come along with the birth of your child and every time I watch this it brings them all back. I love my Cooper!!!


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  2. LOVE this Amber! You're amazing. I totally cried seeing the picture of you holding him for the first time. I'll have to do this for my next one.